Luther Series 3

Luther Series 3

Series 3 of Luther aired in the United States on September 3 following a hugely successful season on BBC One in the UK.

In this final 4-part series, Luther is back under intense pressure, with two conflicting crimes to investigate and a ruthless ex-copper determined to bring him down.

Luther’s life is his job; that is, until love crosses his path and offers him a chance of happiness. Sienna Guillory plays Mary, who works in a vintage clothes shop. She meets Luther in a chance encounter.

Guillory says: “You realise why Luther is so good when you read Neil Cross’s scripts, and then you meet Idris and understand what ‘untamed’ means. There is no other set I’d rather be on, and I love the disastrous fun of being Mary Day, the right girl in the wrong place.”

Idris Elba, playing Luther, adds: “I want to thank the fans for waiting so patiently for the new season. We’re thrilled to deliver it to you. Here comes John!”

Warren Brown (Good Cop) returns as DS Justin ‘Ripley’, Nikki Amuka-Bird as DS Erin Gray, Dermot Crowley as DSU Martin Schenk and Michael Smiley as Benny Deadhead. Further guest stars include Lucian Msamati (Game of Thrones) and Ned Dennehy (Parade’s End, Tyrannosaur).

Watch BBC One’s trailer for Series 3 here:

The third series of Luther is a 4 x 60-minute series. For more about Series 3, follow Luther on Facebook or visit Luther on the BBC website. For details of its US premiere on September 3, visit BBC America’s Luther page.

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Praise for Luther Series 3

“Season three never disappoints . . . Elba has been fantastic at every step, taking Cross’ wonderful writing and giving it even more dimensions. Pretty much every character that walks into this miniseries — from the brilliant Wilson to season three’s David O’Hara, who plays an un-retired police investigator obsessed with bringing down Luther — has given a virtuoso performance. That still holds true.”
Hollywood Reporter
(read full review)

New York Times
(read full review)

“Brilliantly creepy”
Heat Magazine (UK)

“TV Gold…BBC1’s Luther: too cool for school”
Sunday Mirror

“Mind-bogglingly original and awesome”
New York Magazine (Vulture)
(read full review)

“Brilliantly written, with stunning performances”
Philadelphia Inquirer
(read full review)

“Watch it with the lights on . . . it is uniquely unsettling”
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“It gets darker, scarier and more captivating with each episode as Luther matches wits with killers and cops alike . . . the outstanding Elba broods like no other actor, and adds nuance to the series beyond the excellent writing of series creator Neil Cross and his team”
RedEye Chicago
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Praise for Luther Series 2

“Within five minutes you know that this is a cop you want to watch.”
New York Times

“(Elba’s) unflinching portrayal of a brilliant dark knight makes for a fascinating exploration of TV’s most compelling cop.”
New York Post

“(A) brilliant detective series . . . (one of) TV’s most provocative thrillers, spot-lighting tormented and damaged heroes who leave us wondering if they deserve medals or a straitjacket.”
TV Guide (US)

“Each hour is so spellbinding, you may not realize you’re leaving grip marks on your couch.”
Boston Globe

“Gritty, brooding, emotionally raw . . . whatever you call it, Luther is powerful TV.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“They don’t come more complicated and twisted than in Luther land”
Daily Express

“This is brilliantly choreographed, risk taking drama that dares you to go with it”
Jonathan Wright, Guardian

“A gripping programme with the kind of high production values that turn every sequence into a filmic treat.”
Sunday Mirror

“So undeniably compelling that you daren’t miss a single moment.”

“Devilishly good”

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