Holloway Falls

Holloway Falls

Family man; gentle man; wanted man

William Holloway has secrets. Years ago, he witnessed his wife’s betrayal and his life fell apart. Now someone’s toying with his mind and the life of a missing woman, the prostitute Holloway pays to imitate his ex-wife. When she is murdered, his ex-wife’s name scrawled on her abdomen, Holloway is trapped by the consequences of love and sex, of infidelity and violence, in a world of his own terrible making. Hunted as a rogue policeman and a killer, he’s on the run. And planning retribution.

‘An ingenious revenge thriller which draws you in with its spare, snappy prose, then messes with your head as deviously as the dreamers, charlatans and conspiracy theorists who populate it’
Time Out

‘A compulsive tale of abduction, coincidence, psychotic jealousy and imaginative daring’
Chris Petit, Guardian

Excerpt from Holloway Falls

Andrew had done his research.

Although he knew the odds on successfully faking suicide were not good, one night
he caught a train to the south-west cast of England and fabricated his death by

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Author’s note

It took a year after Christendom’s release into a silent void for me even to sit down and begin writing Holloway Falls. By now I was in my late 20s; I’d been living in London for half a decade — I had a proper day job and was being paid the first decent wage I ever earned.

After three or four chapters of what was then to be called Nowhere, Forever I stumbled and got stuck. I put the manuscript in a drawer, where it stayed for a further eighteen months; untouched, unread and unspoken of.

Part of the trouble was, by now I didn’t know how to write without drugs. I’d learned to hammer out fifteen thousand words in a marathon, speed-fuelled sitting. But having a proper job was tiring and time-consuming: diligently writing 500 words a day hardly seemed worth the effort. Read more


UK Publication Details
ISBN: 978-1-84739-463-7
Format: B-Paperback
Pages: 406
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
1st Edition Published: March 2003

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