Malachi Thorndyke, former soldier, book smuggler, drunk, is living in the South Australian Reclamation when he’s approached by Isabel and Nathan Beaumont. They have a mission for him, the most important smuggling trip he’ll ever make, back to New Jerusalem, capital of the Christian fundamentalist state that America has become, with a document that with change the course of history.

Christendom soars as its prodigious invention sparks’

‘One one level, this is a straightforward thriller; what raises it above the crowd is the tension of the writing. It . . . challenges our preconceptions, and sets us up for the sick beauty of the plot’s central revelation’
Literary Review

‘Neatly conceived . . . a well-paced thriller with original ideas and taut writing’
The Times

Excerpt from Christendom

It’s summer.

The boys, no longer children, not yet men, are dressed in shorts, T-shirts and sneakers.

The tall one, the graceful one, who is called Randall Staad and who one day will save the world by the grace of God, carries a battered blue cooler in one hand, a fishing rod in the other. He leads his friend along a path they have trodden many times before, on many such summer days.

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Author’s note

Ah, Christendom…my lost baby. The rise of the New Religious Right! Holy War in the Middle East! A fundamentalist American president! How unlikely this all seemed, in the dog days of the Clinton presidency.

Re-reading it, I think all the elements are there — one chapter, A Christian Gunman In The Rameses Hilton, is certainly as good as anything I’ve done since. Oh, I don’t know; there’s stuff in here I’m still proud of. But if I was going to write Christendom today, I’d do it very differently. Read more


UK Publication Details
ISBN: 0-099-77861-0
Format: B-Paperback
Pages: 311
Publisher: Vintage
1st Edition Published: February 1999

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