How many wrongs will put things right?

Even though he is still young, Kenny has just weeks to live. Before he dies, he wants to find his childhood best friend Callie Barton and thank her for the kindness she showed him when they were at school together.

But when Kenny begins his search, he discovers that Callie Barton has gone missing. Although cleared of any involvement, her husband Jonathan seems to be hiding something.

Kenny has no choice but to take matters into his own hands. And knowing that time is running out on him, he's prepared to do whatever it takes . . .

‘A psychological thriller for which the term ‘page-turner’ might have been coined’  Metro

'Britain’s own Stephen King’  Guardian

Finalist, Ngaio Marsh Best Crime Novel Award (NZ) 2011

‘Cross is a wonderful writer . . . Britain’s own Stephen King’

‘Once again, Neil Cross proves that he’s not just a master of suspense, but horror too. Reading his ultra-crisp prose and expertly structured tales, it’s not hard to see why he’s also an uber-successful screenwriter. ‘
Daily Mirror

‘A psychological thriller for which the term ‘page-turner’ might have been coined’

‘Cross’ work is generally very scabrous stuff indeed: blood-boltered, hard-edged and sardonically funny… As in the earlier Burial and Mr In-Between, Cross demonstrates a willingness to plunge into those areas other thriller writers shy away from; while the surface of the book has all the disturbing filigrees one might expect, this book (like its predecessors) is very much a novel of character’
Barry Forshaw, Crime Time

Captured gives off an impression of power held in reserve, and it serves an authentic, unsparing vision of goodwill undone by misfortune’
Times Literary Supplement

‘An impressive achievement, but definitely a cold one. Throw a log on the fire and snuggle under a warm blanket before reading!’ the full review

‘It has been a while since I read a book as quickly as I yesterday read Neil Cross’ latest masterpiece of suspense, Captured.’
Material Witnessread the full review

Venue magazine: interview (January 2010)

Luther - Series 1

...the actors' skill - and Cross' admirable ability to explore his characters' boundaries without either calcifying or forsaking them - allows "Luther" to be superhuman in both the ordinary and extraordinary sense.

Los Angeles Times

Luther - Series 2

“Gritty, brooding, emotionally raw . . . whatever you call it, Luther is powerful TV.”

San Francisco Chronicle

Luther - Series 3

It gets darker, scarier and more captivating with each episode as Luther matches wits with killers and cops alike . . . the outstanding Elba broods like no other actor, and adds nuance to the series beyond the excellent writing of series creator Neil Cross and his team

Sunday Mirror